A simple and consistent clipboard manager that is very easy to use with either keyboard or mouse


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Simple, reliable, accessible, plugins available. Excellent cursor-only navigation.
Plug-ins require a separate download and setup.

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CLCL is a simple and consistent clipboard manager that is very easy to use with either keyboard or mouse. With this utility, you can quickly access to copied images and text.

It supports all clipboard formats and has a small download in either English and Japanese versions.

When you run this program, a tray icon is added to the notification area on the taskbar.

Left-clicking the tray icon lets you select the clipboard history items and other actions, while right-clicking the tray icon gets you straight to the CLCL viewer, which organizes clips in three sections: Clipboard type, History items and Template, besides offering common buttons and menu items to work with the clipboard content, files and tools.

CLCL supports plug-in tools and formats which require a separate download.

The plug-in tools include convert text to the lower or upper case, quotation, word wrap, clear history, clear clipboard, play sound on copy, set the CLCL window on top, merge or connect text, etc. The plug-in format adds supports to the Rich Text format and more.

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I used CLCL several years ago and was happy with it. I don't know why I switched to something else, probably a newer shinier model of clipboard manager! But I thought of switching back to CLCL now and I can't find any help file with it. I mainly was wondering how to "plug in" the plugins. I downloaded them but cannot find out how to put them to use.

Try this Brad O, download and unzip the plugin to a folder, then go CLCL main window, select Tools > Tool Setup, click "Add", browse to the folder containing the plug-in, select the plugin, e.g. tool_text.dll, click "Open". A list of tools from the plugin will appear, select a tool you need, click Ok to confirm.

This tool will then be available from the Tools menu.