This Chrome/Firefox Add-on Lets You Leave Almost No Trace Browsing Online


Trace Browser add-onTrace is a browser add-on/extension for Firefox and Chrome that blocks multiple tracking techniques used by many websites.

Trace is a new browser extension that has some advanced blocking features- it blocks tracking pixels, page ads, media requests, code requests (3rd party scripts and ping requests) and more. Here's what Trace blocks:

  • Canvas Fingerprinting
  • Audio Fingerprinting
  • WebRTC Leaks
  • User-Agent Tracking
  • Browser plugin fingerprinting
  • Beacon Requests
  • Bad Top Level Domains
  • Hyperlink Auditing
  • HTTP Referrer Headers
  • Chrome Header Tracking
  • E-Tag Tracking
  • JavaScript Crypto Mining
  • URL Tracking Cleaner (experimental)
  • Trace Page (injects code into sites to disable certain functions)

Most of us probably don't know what all the things on that list are, but you can find an explanation of each and why you may or may not want to enable it in the settings. Click the name to get an expanded definition.

After installation, Trace adds an icon to the browser's main toolbar which enables easy access the settings and statistics.  In addition to blocking features, Trace comes with the ability to whitelist sites, if you run into an issue with a website you can whitelist it to restore functionality.
There's a basic version and a premium version - the premium version supports further development of the extension and gives you access to a premium blocklist for a few dollars. I didn't notice any functionality difference between the two versions. Trace is under active development and the developer welcomes bug reports.
I've noticed faster page load times since I installed Trace, which is more than welcome on this slow internet connection.

Trace officially works with Chrome and Firefox. I've successfully installed it on Opera, Vivaldi, and Waterfox, where it's running with no issues so far.
All in all, Trace is a nice addition to your browser privacy collection. Get Trace for Chrome and Firefox here:

Trace: Browse online without leaving a Trace

(h/t Ghacks)

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I do have several apps which will block things I don't want intruding on my computer and this sounds like something else that would be very worthwhile. However, my expertise is not as great as I wish it were. Can you just download and Install Trace and let it do its thing? We all need as much protection as we can get because our privacy is being stolen from us by all kinds of unlawful means and I definitely think I need this application.

The default settings work well for me. They look like they are designed to have little to no impact on site function from what I can see. If you run into any issues, whitelist the site. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you rhiannon. This will be good for my wife's computer also.

You're quite welcome. :)

You said :
"I've noticed an increase in page load times since I installed Trace, which is more than welcome on this slow internet connection."
I don't understand why an increase in page load times would be welcome. Did you mean a decrease?

Nope I meant decrease - thanks for catching that. :)

It works well, except that it blocked Scrabble on Facebook - doesn't matter what I did - so I had to uninstall it :(

Correct ! Blocked my farcebook game. White-listed it, reloaded, game still won't completely load.
Uninstalled, game loads completely again.

I contacted the developer about this issue (games being blocked on Facebook). They got back to me quickly, and the issue is being looked into.

The developer has fixed the issue of games not working on Facebook, so Trace should be fine with Facebook games now. :)

I'm assuming you added the site to the whitelist and it's still blocking Scrabble? That's odd. I'd guess the developer would want to hear about that, if you feel like reporting it.

Nice one rhiannon !

you can never have too many weapons in the arsenal to fend off these creeps.

Thank you !

Glad you like it! I'm with you, it's always good to add to the arsenal