This Chrome Add-In Ties Your Gmail To Your Social Media Accounts


Discoverly Chrome add-inDo you use Gmail for your email? If so, do you find yourself corresponding with people who also have a presence on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Or do you find yourself corresponding with someone and then wondering whether that person is already on social media?

If so, check out a neat extension for the Chrome browser (assuming you use Chrome, of course). It's called Discoverly, and it links your Gmail to your social media accounts. Once it's set up, and you've given it the requisite permissions, just go back to using Gmail as normal. Each time you read a message, Discoverly checks, in the background, to see whether the person who sent the message is also on social media and, if they are, it shows you their details right in your Gmail window. So now you know much more about that person, and their contacts, while you're reading their message and replying to it.

Discoverly is free, and my PC's virus scanner didn't find any problems when my browser downloaded and installed it. Check out if you want to try it for yourself.







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Does anyone know of an alternative for Firefox?