A clear winner for its customizability, speed, ease of use, thoroughness, portability and the applications it can keep clean


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Thorough cleaning, customizable, fast, easy to use, portable.
Lack of backup.

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If you exclusively use either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari, then CCleaner is my top pick. It took the lead in version 2.0 with a complete rewrite including the ability to exclude specific files, folders and registry keys from the cleaning process. There are many other applications that provide the ability to clean up browsers and your system, but when you take into account CCleaner's customizability, speed, ease of use, it's near-forensic thoroughness, portability and the number of applications it can keep clean, then you have a clear winner.

In addition to keeping your browser clean, it does a great job cleaning up your entire computer including: Windows temporary files and Windows registry, with an improved Add/Remove program interface, portability to run from a flash drive and the ability to completely erase your tracks by providing delete options to overwrite deleted files. It is updated frequently adding more and more support for new applications. See the related review Best Free File Cleaner for additional information on CCleaner.

Caution: One drawback of CCleaner is that it lacks the integrated ability to undo, create a checkpoint, or even backup prior to removing files or making changes. This is not a problem if you regularly backup or image your system but it can be easily overcome by using one of the many applications that exist for this purpose. For most users the easiest way to do this is to create a system restore point.

The portable version and a slim version with no toolbar are available here.

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Do you guys actually test this stuff?
CCleaner browser cleaner is not free it requires you to buy the pro version to activate this feature.End of story

CCleaner Free has always provided free browser cleaning. I use it for: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox/Waterfox. I checked that this is still the case on the latest version 5.19.

Perhaps you mean the Browser Cleaner program which is not the same as CCleaner? Or perhaps you mean that automatic cleaning is a paid feature over and above the free feature for manual initiation of cleaning?