A registry cleaner as part of a system cleaning suite


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Registry Cleaner

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Less risky than other cleaners; has other system cleaning functions; multi-language.
Remember to uncheck Google Chrome and IE Toolbar during install.

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CCleaner is widely recommended for cleaning your Windows system and provides several ways to improve the performance of your PC. CCleaner is also very light-handed so it suits most users who are not confident with removing registry records.

This is the only registry cleaner that I use although sometimes I wish it would be more aggressive in finding and removing unneeded records. So if you are a more advanced user and you want more cleaning options then choose one of the stand-alone products below.

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The last two times I've updated, Avast has been installed without warning. Even with custom install I could find no opt out. Very annoyed.

Either use the portable version, or the slim version, which they release after a week of releasing any new version. You can get it from here:

The slim version isnt available yet, as a new version of CCleaner has been released recently. Wait for around a week for it to be released. The slim version is without any extra software.