This delightful game is loaded with ambiance and a choice of 5 richly-appointed table venue including the beach.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Billiards and Pool Game

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Rich with fun appointments and animations, 4 different pocket Billiard games available, 5 different table venues to choose from, rigorous rules enforced, very helpful software for aiming and control.
No particular drawbacks, but shot control requires a little practice.

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Carom3D is a game that is sure to engross, entertain and amuse. It is associated with an ostensibly safe and sane online gaming site, but the software can be used without an Internet connection at all. You won't even need to register a username or give your email address – just choose Practice mode and you'll be right in the swim with a couple of real fine animated tootsies.

Carom3D ScreenshotYes, this delightful game is loaded with ambiance. You get a choice of 5 richly-appointed table venues, one of which is outdoors at the beach. You'll see and occasionally hear the two cartoon ladies reacting excitedly to the shots you and your opponent make. It's hilarious! Lighthearted background music is also provided. The game mechanics are perfectly sound as well.

Four different sports are offered, 8-Ball, Card Ball, 3-Ball and 4-Ball, while the program diligently enforces the rules. With such extravagance and scope, the download file is naturally enormous, 61.2 megabytes. Aiming isn't hard because the software shows you with dotted lines – while you are modifying your aim – what the resultant trajectories of both cue ball and object ball will be. Be advised to hold down the Shift key to attain finer control over aiming. To shoot, hold the Ctrl key while shoving the mouse forward. At first, that operation seems a bit intimidating and it will require some practice, but you'll get the hang of it quickly enough and the software will help you master it. There is a time limit imposed for taking each shot.

Try this game out for fun, even if you have to wait overnight for the download. As for the associated online goings-on, this reviewer has not explored them deeply, and leaves it to individual users to pursue that avenue if and when their hearts so move them.

Note: The official Carom3D server at is currently down, but there is an unofficial server available at, which provides Carom3D Billy Bonez Edition. It does not have most features that the official version had, but supported by enthusiasts and Carom lovers.

Carom3D was reviewed by on based on version 5.3.1.