Capture And Annotate Screen Shots In Your Browser


Lightshot windowYou're browsing a web site and you see something interesting. You want to grab a screen shot of the page, save it as an image, and send it to a friend or colleague. You might even want to annotate the screen shot by highlighting a part of it, or writing text directly onto it. And you want to do it all from your browser without needing to download and install more software onto your PC.

Is it possible? Yup. With a handy browser add-in called Lightshot, which is available for Chrome.

To install it, head to to download it. It's free. Once you're done, a small purple feather icon will appear in your browser toolbar. Just click it to start selecting your screen area to capture. You can then save the screen shot to disk after adding annotations if you wish.



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Might be nice if the article stated this was available for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera instead of just Chrome.

I have been using a site called "Pin IT". I will try Lightshot and let you know how it works for me.

In communication with the Lightshot developers, I learned that they also have a desktop version you can download irrespective of what browser you're using--separate downloads for Windows and Mac (see URL at end of comment). Might help if you have issues trying to use it from a particular browser. Even if you go with one of the browser add-on versions, the desktop web page is worth a look for the FAQs and some short video tutorials.

I just use the built in screen capture of the Diigo extension, my online bookmarking app, to do the same thing.

Thank you Rob.
That will save me a lot of fiddling with screen shots in

This looks very similar to Nimbus, another excellent screenshot add-on for Firefox and Chrome.

For Firefox, my favourite so far is "Screenshoter" (sic).

The reason I use this rather than an extra screenshotter such as FSCapture, is that it allows me to capture whole webpages as well as just a selection or visible area.

Microsoft Edge has these functions natively. Works well.

Thanks Rob.
I am presently using a similar Chrome add-in called Awesome Screenshot.
Lightshot sounds atractive, I am going right now to try it.
Reards, Peter