Best for simple calculations, with some advanced operations, exponential and percentage calculations


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Pros & Cons:

Modern interface, easy to navigate, savable tape.
No help section, better features aren’t free.

Our Review:

I like this calculator CalcTape (formerly known as SFR Calculator) because of all the calculators so far, it has a modern, clean, Windows 7 look to it.

The Windows desktop version of CalcTape uses a menu ribbon that functions like MS-Office menus as you can see from the screenshot. Work can be saved as file. The installer gives you 3 options; 1) use the free version, 2) the Pro version for 30 days, or 3) register the program.

It also has a free mobile version for Android. The versions for Mac and iOS systems are not free.

The calculator works like a savable tape and is best for simple calculations, however, it will perform some advanced operations, exponential and percentage calculations.

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