Bulk Rename Utility


Bulk Rename Utility

A file renaming software that is easy to use, powerful and highly functional


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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Rename Utility
Categories: Disk & File, File Rename

Pros & Cons:

Very powerful, lots of features, overall a very good renamer.
Cluttered interface, no ID3 v2 support.

Our Review:

Bulk Rename Utility has a cluttered interface and takes a little getting used to. You can choose files to be affected in the main window and drag files from Windows Explorer. It has an undo feature.

Among many other basic features you can auto date, add a prefix or suffix, and move or copy to another location. Bulk Rename Utility supports custom file formats, logging, regular expressions, a few EXIF tags, and ID3 v1 tags. You can stack commands, zoom in to increase the size of a small text box, and modify file attributes, save frequently used configurations, and also import a file rename list.

Bulk Rename Utility is easy to use, powerful, and highly functional with excellent help files, suggestions, and examples.

However the interface is a little messy, only supports a few EXIF tags, and there is no support for ID3 v2. I noticed some bugginess when attempting to rename MP3 files by their ID3 tags when there was no ID3 v1 data.

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