Browser-Based Text Editor Even Extracts Text From A Web Page


There are lots of excellent browser-based text editors that allow you to edit and manipulate text without the need to install any software on your PC.  But I happen to like a lot, as it has a great feature up its sleeve.

To edit some text, you can of course paste it into the app from your computer's clipboard, or you can load it from a file on your PC.  Or, just type or paste the URL of a web page and the system will extract all of the text from that page, ready for you to edit.  Very handy, especially if you're putting together a document or research material that is compiled from the web.

Once the text is in the editor window, textevo has a great selection of tools to help you massage it into shape, as can be glimpsed from the screen shot below.

Give it a try at




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Just tried this it has saved me some considerable time so I think I'll leave others to speculate about its demise and in the meantime will take advantage of the freebie whilst its here. Thanks for pointing it out Rob.

@ the first poster,
is the website needed for the software to perform it's function, other than possible future updates¿
if not, then they (the programmer/company) could vanish in a cloud of smoke yesterday...
you can't take it with you 'beam-up'.

"somethin 'bout a truck
in a farmers field"

E D I T - i should have checked before spouting my wisdom... it is
"C L O U D B A S E D"
if they do disappear,
just blame rob.

David Roper: The main reason for this website to be driven out of business is if Google or Microsoft copied this technology and probably the only reason these two companies would do that is if many people did use this website.

The only problem with this is when the website decides to quit or goes out of Biz, the user doesn't have this wonderful feature anymore. I think Google will be here a long time and Microsoft will be here a long time and Verizon will be here a long time but...well, you understand what I'm saying.