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View and search the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds, videos and photographs.

The Macaulay Library is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history audio, video, and photographs. Although the Macaulay Library’s long history is rooted in birds, the collection includes amphibians, fishes, and mammals, and the collection preserves recordings of each species’ behavior and natural history.

The Macaulay Library's wildlife archive currently has more than 397,000 audio recordings of bird and other animal calls, 8.8 million photos and 57,000 videos of bird and other species worldwide, making this an extraordinary resource for science, research, education, conservation and general interest. The archive includes audio and video of rare and extinct species.

You can browse the collection by media (photograph, audio, or video) or search for something specific. Use the archive to fine tune your sound identity skills or take a free eBird Essentials course (account creation required, including billing information). View live migration maps, look at species maps, or download media from the library (free, submit a request). The free Android or iOS app helps you identify birds. Started in 1929, the Macaulay Library is a vast resource for wildlife photos, sounds, and video.

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