Bring Web Analytics To Your Own Browsing Habits


If there's one aspect of life that suffers when we go online, it's privacy.  The news media are constantly full of stories about how web sites can track your every move in order to show you the adverts that it feels are most relevant to you.  This extensive data analysis goes under the general name of web analytics.

History Trends Limited (HTU) is an add-on extension for Google Chrome which brings a degree of analytics to your own web browser.  Think of it as a super-enhanced version of your basic browser history function.  You can find out which sites you visited, and when.  As you can see from the screen shot below, you can even browse by a particular hour of the day.  And as you might expect, if you were to click on one of those blue bars you'd see a list of all the sites and pages you visited during that particular hour.

If you've ever wondered how you manage to waste so much time on the web, History Trends Unlimited will reveal all.  Assuming you use Chrome, of course. 

HTU is a free download.  Head to to download and install it.



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