Bring out the Artist in you with this unique Photo Filters app


Prisma iconPrisma

Prisma is a new generation photo effects app that uses machine learning and those clever new technologies. Just like those that enable Google's computers to unexpectedly take a liking to cat videos on YouTube.

Seriously, though, the Prisma app can turn your photos into something that could have been painted by Picasso. So, load it up on your Android or iPhone and dive in.

After Prisma made a splash a while ago, the internet was buzzing about it. I thought it would be worth looking at how it works after the initial dust has settled and it had been downloaded about 10 million times! Everyone seemed to be gushing about it, so it's time for a level-headed look.

All the fanfare was enough to spark anyone's curiosity, especially if you enjoy photography and like tweaking your image creations.




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