Provides on-the-fly encryption giving you transparent access and quick cloud-sync for encrypted files.


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On-the-fly encryption gives you transparent access and quick sync for encrypted files when signed in. Strong security. Simple operation. For Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Can be used to interface with several cloud-storage providers (limited to one choice in the free version).
The file system interface could lead to confusion, with files left unencrypted in the cloud (see discussion above). Requires Microsoft .NET. Only one encrypted folder is allowed in the free version, and it is limited to 2 GB.

Our Review:

BoxCryptor and Viivo both use a virtual-drive interface that provides plaintext access for the user. Files and folders are encrypted/decrypted in transit to/from that virtual drive to a real folder using on-the-fly encryption. The real folder can be located in an internal or external drive, and is most often used with cloud-storage providers. You work transparently with virtual (plaintext) local files.

Note: This two location approach can users open to a fatal mistake. Files to be encrypted must always be placed in the virtual (decrypted) local drive. If you accidentally place them directly in a cloud-facing folder, they will not be encrypted. It can be hard to always remember that, and there is no warning or other indication of mistakes.

BoxCryptor was reviewed by on based on version 2.15.


I'm a happy BoxCryptor Classic (v1.7) user. It would help to clarify the versions as it uses the icon current for v2 in header yet describes a review based on a very old v1.3.2 - mentioned only in the footer.

Thanks for your comment SometimesWorks. It's been some time since I last edited a product and I see that the format of reviews here has been reorganized since then. I've updated the version number and will review the whole product category when I have some time. I see that the BoxCryptor website has been completely revised. It has more information that may change the review.

Thanks Philip - I appreciate your efforts across Gizmo.
I consider Boxcryptor 1.x and 2.x different products. 1.x is industry standard & 2.x is not. They are incompatible.
For that reason, even though Boxcryptor 1 is unsupported, it is my preferred product. It continues to run well in Windows 10 & I've confirmed I can access the files via other EncFS products. (Windows EncFSMP is simple but works BTW)
As an aside, I note my installed version is 1.7.409.131 and the portable version is 1.6.402.92.