Boost Battery Saving By Putting Idle Apps into Hibernation


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Despite Android 6.0 Marshmallow introducing a Doze feature to keep battery drain low when you're not using your phone, there are still several other ways to minimize usage of battery.

Upon checking battery usage since the device was last fully charged, you might notice that the screen is one of the main factors that drain your battery. Thus, adjusting brightness of the screen lower is a good means to keep battery power last longer.

Using an automation tool, such as Llama, to turn off WiFi and data services whenever unavailable at a location or whenever the screen is turned off, is also a plausible solution to reducing battery consumption.

If you want to boost battery saving even further after you've installed many apps on a mobile phone or tablet, it's worthwhile to check out this capable app Greenify, which helps you identify apps that have been hibernated and what other background running apps you can greenify on your Android device.




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Greenify works best if you are rooted. And with marshmallow and nougat , many people were reporting battery drains with greenify . So keep an eye out for battery drains after installing greenify . If you are rooted i would suggest naptime by franco .

I didn't now about Naptime. Thanks! I had some of the issues you mentioned above with Greenify, but Naptime works great on my phone running Android 6.0.1.