A 3D real-time strategy and sandbox game with blocks


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License: Free
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Tower-building fun, multiplayer mode.
Controls are a little hard to get used to.

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Bontago is a 3D real-time strategy game with blocks and it also comes with an additional Sandbox Game mode where you can just play around and do what you want.

In Bontago, it's up to you what you make. Just play around with blocks. Stack them to a skyscraping tower and then throw a brick into it to see the construction going down, or create a domino effect by placing the blocks all in a row.

In experimenting with free-form building in the sandbox, Bontago uses realistic physics. The disk can tilt on its fulcrum, towers may fall and blocks slide off the game world to wreak havoc on your opponents. Rules are simple but strategic thinking, quick responses and some luck factors are needed to win this game.

In the Strategy Mode, your aim is to acquire as much room as possible on the playfield. The radius of the controlled area, where you may place blocks in, is determined by the height of your structures perpendicular to the disk. Blocks are given randomly to you and come in a variety of shapes made of the base block unit which is a cube. The first player to possess a continuous area containing the world flags wins.

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