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Bluefire Reader

A clean and straightforward ebook reader designed with the reader in mind


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Good ebook reader to have on your Android device. No adverts either.
Limited readable ebook formats.

Our Review:

In addition to its desktop version, Bluefire Reader is a very good ebook reader app for mobile devices.

On opening the app, once you are past the opening sequence, you are presented with your library. It comes with two ebooks, the Bluefire Reader User Guide, and Treasure Island. You can display your books as thumbnails or in a list using the view option at the top of the screen. You can also view your books by Recent, Title or Author.

At the bottom of the screen you have 4 options, Library (main page), Read Now (takes you to the first book you have highlighted), Get Books (takes you to an online bookshop), and finally Info (which gives you the option to enable Adobe eBooks, or import from an SD card, Help, About, and About Us). There is also an option on the main screen to edit the ebook metadata. This will allow you to change the ebook values.

When you open an ebook, turning pages is a joy. It's smooth like actually turning a real page. By dragging your finger from right to left moves you forward and vice versa to go back a page. You can also give it a quick tap to do the same. If you tap and hold your finger above a word, a circle appears with a small menu to allow you to either bookmark, or copy the highlighted word. The same thing happens if you tap on a word and drag your finger along the line. It highlights it allowing you to copy or bookmark it. A quick tap on the page brings up a scroll bar telling you a what page you're at and allows you to slide forwards or backward plus a menu with Library, Info, Contents, Bookmarks, and Settings. Click anywhere on the page to make the menu go away.

Like any ebook reader app for Android, the settings are important and Bluefire Reader makes good use of them with intuitive and numerous options to make reading a book a real pleasure.

Overall this is another ebook reader app that I like and will keep on my device. There are no adverts, it's clean and straightforward but not overly complicated by too many functions that would steer you away from its true goal which is to give you the pleasure of reading an electronic book. Well done Bluefire Productions.

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