The Lego-like program of choice for less powerful computers


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Lego Building Software
Categories: Games, Lego Building

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Lightweight 'Lego-like' program, many building options, use own backgrounds (image files), no commercial affiliation.
Less modern user interface, learning curve, development has slowed down.

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BlockCAD is unofficial 'Lego-like' freeware. So the program is completely free from advertising material. BlockCAD has been in development since 1998 when the Swedish programmer built it for his own children. Unsurprisingly, it has a less up-to-date look and feel than the commercially backed LEGO Digital Designer and a slightly less extensive choice of building blocks and joins.

Nevertheless, BlockCAD has a stimulating set of building options (you can save your work) and the interface is fairly intuitive to use despite a relative lack of text. There are plenty of hotkeys and a schematic user manual is provided, but expect a learning curve. You can display your work against any background image file of your choice.

All in all, BlockCAD is a remarkable individual achievement and may be the Lego-like program of choice for less powerful computers.

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