A pretty insane take on the Breakout genre lets you discover fun gravity physics.


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License: Free
Website: Block Game
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Great chaotic gameplay, fun physics and realtime fragmentation of the bricks.
No real ability to aim ball deflections from paddle.

Our Review:

Block is a pretty insane take on the Breakout genre. You'll discover fun gravity physics that are changing in every level, and literally dozens of balls that will clear the screen very fast. You get 10 fresh Balls each level and can fire a new one with each right-click of the mouse. In the unlikely event that you lose anyway, the game is forgiving and you can restart from the level where you faltered.

There is no actual ability to aim deflections from the paddle, but you can kick the ball with your paddle by left-clicking, which often helps. There is also a power-up that grants you unlimited balls for a time, which means you can trigger the right mouse button so hard that the whole screen gets filled with bouncing balls. Craziness! That way some levels can be completed in under 5 seconds.

Truth be told, the game is practically a no-brainer, as many of the levels are rigged to pretty much complete themselves with minimal user interaction. All that thundering mayhem can be good for a few chuckles, figure.

Note: you have to download the additional soundpack and place it into the “wave” folder, in order to have sounds included.

Block was reviewed by on based on version 1.30.