A nice jigsaw puzzle up to 1,000 pieces cut in different shapes with rotation plays


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Full of features, cut into a few 10s to over 1,000 pieces depending on each jigsaw, edgeless or 8 curl shapes, rotation, embossing types, plain or shaped frames or without a frame, auto saving games, saving solved jigsaws into bmp files, etc.
A separate jigsaw creator is available to paid users only.

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BigJig is a nice jigsaw puzzle full of features. Number of pieces can be set from a few 10's to over 1,000 pieces depending on each jigsaw, cut in one edgeless shape or in 8 curl shapes, with optional rotation. A puzzle can be solved in a plain or shaped frame, or even without a frame to increase the difficulty level.

Other features include pieces embossing types, thumbnail, fit to screen, 4 pockets and 2 windows, auto saving games and saving solved puzzles into bmp files, etc.

This program is pre-installed with 8 jigsaws. Players can download a free jigsaw, replaced with a new one every week, from here. Sadly more jigsaw sets are available only to paid users. This program does not have a built-in jigsaw creator using your own pictures. A separate creator is for paid users only.

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