Beware The New Adobe Acrobat Chrome Add-In


Adobe Chrome add-inIf you use Google Chrome as your web browser, you may notice a message about a new Adobe Acrobat browser extension that your computer wants to install, and which seeks your permission to proceed.

The extension, at first glance, seems great. It lets you save web pages as PDF files, straight from your browser. However, it also sends data back to Adobe about your usage of the program. Plus, it only works if you have a paid-for copy of Acrobat installed. Which, chances are, you probably don't.

So unless you know that you specifically need this extension, resist the temptation to give it the permissions it requests. And if you've already allowed it to install, right-click on its icon and choose Manage Extensions. You can then disable or uninstall it, and you won't be bothered again.

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Thank you, Rob, for this warning! I installed it without thinking about it. It's gone now!!

Thanks a lot Rob, I installed without looking, silly me I know. Greatly appreciate your warning.

It want straight in the uninstall bin.

Thank you, Rob!! I had clicked on the download noticing the "security" reference. When I read this, I went back to correct and found there was a problem with the download!! My Mother used to say, "God watched over fools and idiots." Guess I'm double covered, thank goodness.

Looks like this does the same thing,

Thanks Rob for your valuable advice!