Between You and Me, I Love This App


BetweenBetweenOn social networking platforms such as Facebook or Google+, you're sharing posts with the public, friends, friends of friends, or a list or circle of friends, and you are prompted with requests and suggestions for adding friends to your space from time to time.

Frankly, those may not be the right places to go when you just need to share something with only one person, either your hubby or wife, or just the one you love most, without any others to follow two of you.

Where else if not this intimate place known as Between? This is a less noisy space than Facebook and Google+ when you need to share interests with the one you love, and not more than one.

When you first run this app Between, you will be asked to connect to your significant other within 24 hours. Once connected, you can start sharing photos, memos, instant text and voice messages. Nothing will be asked whether you need to add more than one person in the app, as it is designed for two.

This app also allows you to share anniversaries and keep a memory box on the home page. Love some photos or memos you keep in the Between space? Just bookmark and you can flip through them smoothly in the memory box.

In the event you decide to break up the connection, you can disconnect the service, and when your partner does the same, all the data will be deleted.

Having some sweet messages and precious moments to share between you and your beloved one in an exclusive place? This is the app to go for. And it doesn't cost you a dime.


Between — Free Android / iOS App of the Week

For Android
Size: 5.8 MB

For iPhone
Size: 13.9 MB


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