A Better Way to Manage Chrome Browser Bookmarks

I like the Chrome browser but one thing it lacks is a simple way to sort or alphabetize bookmarks. It is true that you can go through the tedious process of clicking through the sequence Wrench icon—Bookmarks—Bookmark Manager, then click a folder, then click the "Organize" drop-down menu, and finally choose “Reorder by title”. But how convenient is that?

SuperSorter Chrome extension options

An extension is obviously needed and one called SuperSorter is a good candidate. It not only sorts but will also help clean up duplicate entries and empty folders. One nice feature is that it can be set to automatically sort things whenever you add a bookmark.

When installed, it places a button to the left of the wrench icon in the upper right corner. Right-clicking the button opens the menu shown in the figure on the right. Click the entry “Options” and the tab with the various option settings shown below will open in the browser.

The current version is numbered 0.4.3 so it is not a finished release. One thing missing is an undo function. The latest version is dated May 6. 2011 so it isn’t clear if the developer is still working on the extension. Check the reviews at this link for possible bugs. I haven’t been using the extension long but so far it has worked without problems. The extension alphabetizes and tidies up my bookmarks just fine.

Download link and a description of the extension are at this Google Chrome Store link.

SuperSorter settings

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by MilesAhead on 23. February 2012 - 21:53  (87671)

I've been running it a few days. Seems to be well thought out. Unlike some extensions, enabling doesn't always start another copy of chrome.exe. It's my kind of extension. Enable it and forget it.

The trouble with using the built in bookmarks manager is any drag and drop is likely to hide the dragged folder in some unknown sub-folder. Then the hunt begins. I tried to drag a folder out of sort order to try the built in sort. Disappeared to parts unknown. Then I remembered why I don't use the bookmarks manager if I can avoid it.

Edit: having used this for awhile, and not adding lots of bookmarks per day, my collection being pretty stable, I see no reason to leave it enabled. If I want to sort bookmarks, enable, hit the sort button, then disable. At least until the author adds a setting to sort only Bookmarks Bar folder contents and not the Bookmarks Bar itself. The ignore Bookmarks Bar also ignores the folder contents. My Bookmarks Bar is 10 Folders and only 2 bookmarks. I sort via the SuperSorter Button then disable and drag the Bookmarks Bar bookmark that goes out of place back into position. One trouble with chromium browsers every active Extension seems to run another process. Stuff that only needs to be run occasionally I run manually then disable for that reason. A minor quibble. Otherwise SuperSorter does the job. Hope the author keeps enhancing it without too much feature creep. :)

by Nc (not verified) on 22. January 2012 - 11:36  (87597)

I use Fav Links it`s free software , works fine !

by widgetsdaddy (not verified) on 22. January 2012 - 5:17  (87584)

I agree with Dennis, this is just more clutter clogging up your hardware with few benefits. My bookmarks are just fine without it, thanks.

by Denis Abbott (not verified) on 21. January 2012 - 11:53  (87535)

This is unnecessary!A much better (and slimmer)way is to click on -
Spanner, Bookmark Manager
- add this page to the bookmarks bar. Make sure you insert a space in the name field before 'Bookmark Manager'. This ensures that when you use 'Organize,Reorder by title' that it stays as the first bookmark in the list.

by v.laurie on 22. January 2012 - 17:29  (87616)

How does this automatically sort all folders at once?

by AnonymousHaxxer (not verified) on 21. January 2012 - 1:29  (87514)


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