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Typing tutors and wizards are an important tool from which almost everyone could benefit. If you are interested in upping your WPM (words per minute), then try one of these freeware programs.


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Stamina Typing Tutor  

The best typing program for users who already have some basic typing skills.

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License: Free
Funny taunts. Can play songs in the mp3 format. Pretty interface. User friendly. Displays progress reports. Background image customizable. Exceptionally smooth typing. Good lesson layout. Can make your own lessons. Support for multiple keyboard layouts.
Lack of instruction.
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Rapid Typing Tutor  

A good typing tutor for intermediate learners who want to improve their typing in a new and interesting way.

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Colorful themes and a skinnable interface. Virtual keyboard with moving hands,progress tracking, and the capability for you to make your own lessons. Portable version available. Support for multiple keyboard layouts.
Confusing interface. Lack of instruction. Irregular typing.
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Kiran's Typing Tutor  

An ideal typing tutor for absolute beginners with a large amount of typing instructions and practices.

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License: Free
Large amount of typing instruction/practice available for both QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts. Informative progress reports. User-friendly interface. Includes 4 typing games.
Typing design extremely flawed.
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