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Tech Support Guy is excellent. They have helped me several times in the past, and just sorted out a complex problem with a Windows 7 computer in less than 24 hours.

Like Bleeping Computers, Geekstogo[dot]com/forum is also a great place for tech help....

For complex Microsoft Windows problems, like the dreaded Blue Screens of Death (BSOD), Windows Update failures, SFC scans failing to fix, malware problems and a lot more, the folks at Sysnative go out of their way to dig deep and get things straightened out - that's if they haven't already built a tool to do the job for you!

Highly recommended and probably the most professional team out there.

[Disclosure] I'm listed as a Staff member there.

I know that the active Staff there blow me into the weeds, I leave it to them, they're simply in a different league.

" provides free professional Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crash analysis and debugging support, expert malware analysis and removal advice, Windows Update help plus hardware and networking support for Windows OS."

I have countless,continual popups. Ads, request for program updates, and requests for installation of programs. Anytime I'm on the computer this is an issue. Please help

Please see these articles as a starting point. If you require further assistance, please use the forum as suggested by member satrow as we are unable to provide individual support here in the comments. MC - Site Manager.

I foolishly let some scammers have access to my desktop.
They added a password which I don't know, so now when XP Pro starts up, it asks for that password. Is this fixable?

Thank you Vic.
Another site to consider is PCWorld. I recently had to repair my corrupt Windows 7 installation. Not only did the article provide detailed instructions, with screenshots, it proivided detailed instructions on what to do prior to repairing Windows 7.
I also checked the site with VirusTotal and it's 100% clean.

Here's a link to the article:

I run windows vista on a PC with a common access card reader to access a government email account when I am traveling. It normally works. However, I am never able to view any encrypted emails. I know that I need to download SMIME but I have not been able to do so successfully. Do you have any recommendations?

good luck getting a response on 5 star support

I have often found major geeks come up on searches. Just wondering why it isn't mentioned in this review. Is it no longer a major player [or was it never one in the first place], or have they gone downhill in some way?

MajorGeeks is mainly a software download site, not a technical support site.

Last I looked, they had a very busy forum on malware amelioration and prevention

Did you test [url=] Tom's Hardware? [/url]

That's where I get all my hardware advice, particularly for motherboards, PSU's, and HDD/SDD's. They don't answer software questions very swiftly if at all. It' mainly a builder's forum, I'd say. I got excellent advice on parts for my new (cheap!) build and it has run without hitch for 2 years now.

BTW, does BBcode work here? About to find out the hard way. :-)

Tom's Hardware is a well known site but, as you indicate, it is hardware oriented so not really in the same category as those reviewed here.

Guess not. Any other tips on links?

This list of help sites is a fantastic thing for someone like me who is not that savvy about computers. I had several questions I needed answered Tech support guy were very good and solved all my little problems . Again thanks so much for the list of sites

speaking from lots of experience with such sites, unfortunately (as with so many other things in life) nothing is the quality it used to be when the world was:
"young & gay".

Now many of the original enthusiasts are:
"old & gray" - and world wary

so accordingly, the support venues which used to provide crystal-clear answers, have now degenerated to the Nth degree.

The best litmus test (if you have time) is to search for some common problems which keep cropping up in Windows. Then print the threads from the early 2000's and compare them side by side with the same topics asked in the current decade.

If you analyze them, you'll realize how abysmally the quality of answers have taken a downhill slide.
And no, I don't just mean grammar.
I'm talking about leading people down the wrong path, even for the simplest situations, let alone the majority of those which require a detective to solve.

Basically, it's as if tiny kids are mostly at the helm on some of these forums, with just a sprinkling of mature people, who might actually HELP (if you'd only have the luck to get them) rather than giving lectures about double postings (which you sometimes resort to when you realize you're stuck with the usual imbeciles instead of real guidance). Then most of your psyche is wrung-dry trying to wring out diplomatic courteous explanations - when you really feel like crying & shouting in frustration at their worsening your situation instead of improving it.

I can't begin to say how many times the above scenario has happened to me over the last decade, and snowballing over the latter 1/2 of the decade.

P.S. the same backsliding happened with free hosts (such as freewebs) and with free email (such as gmail & yahoomail). They all used to have clean, basic, EZ interfaces which were glitch-free. Then free-hosts became too slow & needlessly-sophisticated, imposing banners & popups ad nauseum. And free gmail/yahoomail deteriorated their interfaces, and proceeded screwing in the screws, with diabolical privacy invasions. As one guy has posted, Google is now officially GoogEVIL.

I have been having difficulties with my wireless card. It has stopped showing available networks. I have checked the router to make sure it is broadcasting the SSID and it is. Diagnostics and control panel do not show any errors or conflicts. I am forced to use connect a cat 5 cable from my router to get on the internet. I am looking for suggestions in order to connect to my internet at home and in public via wireless.

The article was indeed very helpful and with the exception of the last line in the second paragraph in the review of 5 Star Support, where you stated "Receive more an answer from more than one volunteer," But apparently ment to say "Recieve answers from more than one volunteer," it was quite well written. Thank you!

Glad the article was helpful. Thanks for pointing out the typo. The good writing comes from Gizmo's original article.