The Best Free System Monitor Gets Another Update


It's always good when the best program for doing a particular task also happens to be free.  And so it is, and has long since been, the case when it comes to finding out what your Windows PC is doing with its time and its CPU power.  For tracking down the cause of a slow computer, Process Explorer from Sysinternals (part of Microsoft) has long since been the best tool for the job, and yesterday's update to version 16.05 makes it even more useful with additional columns of information.

If you don't already have a copy of Process Explorer in your troubleshooting toolkit folder, get one now.  The download is only 1 MB or so, and the program is portable so it's easy to use (and to remove if you really don't like it).  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, too.

Head to to download your copy now.



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Would it be a good replacement for 8.1's Event Viewer? I hate 8.1's Event Viewer. XP's was so simple, and simple is what I need. Unfortunately I also need an Even Viewer I can work with.

Thanks, Rob.

Another exceedingly useful Sysinternals utility, AutoRuns, has also been updated (to v. 13.2; XP and above).



Takes lots longer to open on my Windows 8.1 machine than the version I was previously running.

Unfortunately, I have had such a good impression of and good luck with Process Explorer, I overwrote the previous files.

Thanks rob.
Good to know that the "Best Free System Monitor" (as you say) has been updated.