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This list of Best Free Software for Linux now includes 161 apps in various categories. Among a plethora of freeware products, we have selected some gems in each category and added them to the list with clear and brief descriptions of each app.


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GreenTunnel is a free and open source anti-censorship tool that bypasses deep packet inspection (DPI) used by many Internet Service Providers to block certain websites:
Cadmus is a graphical application which allows you to remove background noise from audio in real-time in any communication app:
Rolling Rhino - Create Your Own Ubuntu Rolling Release:
Chob is an helper tool for searching application accross platforms (Flathub, Snapcraft and AppImage):
Nyrna - Suspend any game or application:
hikari - A Wayland Compositor:
ProcDump is a Linux reimagining of the classic ProcDump tool from the Sysinternals suite of tools for Windows. ProcDump provides a convenient way for Linux developers to create core dumps of their application based on performance triggers:
Diskonaut - terminal disk space navigator:
DomTerm is an terminal emulator based on web technologies:
WezTerm is a GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer:
Learn to code and lead your intrepid crew on a mission to save The Cloud in TwilioQuest, a PC role-playing game inspired by classics of the 16-bit era:
Utopia is your all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted e-mail communication, anonymous payments and private web browsing:
Braver Browser - a non-profit community-maintained Brave browser without any adware or crypto tokens:
Juggernaut - end-to-end encrypted, onion routed, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer messaging and payments:
"... LARBS is an efficient shell script that will install a fully-featured tiling window manager-based system on any Arch Linux-based system, without any of the routine of manual post-install processes and configuration ...":
Dappy - ultra secure decentralized web browser:
playx - search and play any song from terminal:
Flatseal is a graphical utility to review and modify basic permissions from your Flatpak applications:
Tartube is a GUI front-end for youtube-dl:
Safe Boot - improve the safety of booting Linux on normal laptops:
Spycheck - helps you determine if your system is vulnerable to Thunderspy: - cryptographic key management, saltpack, noise, sigchains, user identities, signing, encryption:
Whoogle Search - get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking:
Eureka is a simple tool to encrypt files and folders:
SUI - a startpage for your server and/or new tab page:
Castor - a graphical client for plain-text protocols written in Rust with GTK. It currently supports the Gemini, Gopher and Finger protocols:
"... psi-notify is a minimal unprivileged notifier for system-wide resource pressure using PSI. This can help you to identify misbehaving applications on your machine before they start to severely impact system responsiveness, in a way which MemAvailable, CPU graphs, I/O utilisation graphs and other metrics cannot ...":