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In this modern age, if you carry a smartphone or a tablet, you practically also own a radio receiving device since you are able to receive streaming radio transmitted via the Internet, although this works differently from traditional broadcast radio which relies on wireless transmission over radio waves.

Certainly what you need to do is to install a radio stream player or a radio broadcasting app for receiving Internet radio on your Android device. Here are a few radio apps that are free and recommended for you.


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TuneIn Radio  

Gives you a great opportunity to tune in and listen to local and worldwide radio stations wherever you go.

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License: Free (In-App purchases)
Friendly and thoughtful user interface, suggested radio stations and many other stations available for a quick search.
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What is really great about Tunein is that it is also available for Linux, Windows, and Mac in VLC. I never knew that until I was searching Tunein info for android and found some links to setting it up. It runs under VLC as an add-on or plug-in. In some of the links specifically for Linux, you will find info about copying the downloaded files into a hidden folder in your home folder, (.local/share/vlc etc...) this is NOT correct. The files are the same for all distributions of Linux, but different distros store the file in other location. the primary on being, ( /usr/lib/vlc/lua/sd and the same base with playlist for the playlist folder items. Everything worked very well and I am currently listening to local radio talk shows as I write.

Here's a link to the tunein radio discovery script but remember to read the comments below which is what I had to do after following the authors instructions which may have worked fine for him, but not my particular installation.

Best Regards,

Jim Smith on the banks of the Suwannee River Down here in North Florida.