Best Free PC Games 2013

Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


1. The Dark Mod

Developer: Broken Glass Studios

And the winner of Best Free PC Game of 2013 goes to The Dark Mod. :D

The Dark Mod is a tribute to the classic Thief Games by Looking Glass Studios. The game takes place in a gothic steampunk environment, where you take control of a thief. You'll have to avoid the guards, traps and different kinds of creatures using your equipments, analysing and taking control over the environment. 

Since this is basicaly a stealth game, you should be cautious in your approach, leave no dead bodies and make as little sounds as possible whether you're opening a door or walking around. Lockpicking is extremely fun and feels like a real challenge. There are hand-drawn maps, lantern, spyglass and compass as various weapons to find your way through. You also have blackjack, water arrows, holy water, flashbombs, mines and more weapons. 

You can also download, share and even build your own custom missions with more than 70 fan-made missions at present available for download. 

The Dark Mod was initially a modification for Doom 3, and last year with v2.0 it has gone standalone and completely free. The game has also received various mod of the year awards for consecutive years. 



Genre: Stealth 


Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


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The winner of Best Free PC Game of 2013 has been revealed... Congrats to all the winners and Thank You readers for your patience.. Looking forward to a wonderful 2014 for gaming :D

Great choices there George : )

Several I've not heard of before... in particular, Cry of Fear, Containment Breach and Organised Thief will be receiving my imminent attention. The Boson game looks fun as well.


Number 2 game revealed, and tomorrow is the big day... :D
Onto the top 3: Number 3 game revealed....:D
And there you go: Number 5 revealed...
Number 4 game revealed...

George, I'm confused :-D

In this thread I can see Boson X named as the Number 10 game of 2013, followed by your posts that say "Number 9 revealed", "Number 8 revealed" etc...

I can't see any games though other than Boson X, am I missing something here?

Oh never mind! Immediately after posting this I saw the links. Sorry.

Number 9 game is revealed...
Number 8 game is revealed.
Number 7 game is revealed..
Number 6 game revealed. Onto the top 5 games from tomorrow :D