Best Free PC Games 2013

Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


3. Lumen

Developer: Thousand Cranes Studio

Lumen is a platform-puzzle video game where the player assumes control of a girl trapped in a world of nightmare as she tries to make her escape. With the sole help of her camera, she will have to dodge traps, run away from her enemies and use her photographs to change the world that surrounds her.

The game was developed by a team of students at Thousand Cranes Studio for their Masters Degree project. The graphics are amazing and gameplay is really innovative. The little girl who is given a camera uses it to move through her environment. You use this camera to alter the levels. From using the flash to show “hidden” objects, to developing photos and moving the shots around or shaking them to move obstacles. 

This little gorgeous game is painfully short, look more like a tech-demo, but is worth the time you play. After all, it's a students project, looks extremely gorgeous with interesting game mechanics and exceptionally well done. 



Genre: 3D Puzzle Platform



Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


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The winner of Best Free PC Game of 2013 has been revealed... Congrats to all the winners and Thank You readers for your patience.. Looking forward to a wonderful 2014 for gaming :D

Great choices there George : )

Several I've not heard of before... in particular, Cry of Fear, Containment Breach and Organised Thief will be receiving my imminent attention. The Boson game looks fun as well.


Number 2 game revealed, and tomorrow is the big day... :D
Onto the top 3: Number 3 game revealed....:D
And there you go: Number 5 revealed...
Number 4 game revealed...

George, I'm confused :-D

In this thread I can see Boson X named as the Number 10 game of 2013, followed by your posts that say "Number 9 revealed", "Number 8 revealed" etc...

I can't see any games though other than Boson X, am I missing something here?

Oh never mind! Immediately after posting this I saw the links. Sorry.

Number 9 game is revealed...
Number 8 game is revealed.
Number 7 game is revealed..
Number 6 game revealed. Onto the top 5 games from tomorrow :D