Best Free PC Games 2013

Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


8. SCP - Containment Breach

Developer: Joonas Rikkonen

SCP - Containment Breach is a free survival horror game written in Blitz3D. The game has a blinking mechanic that forces the character to blink regularly. Also we've procedurally generated map - no playthrough is the same, and you can never know for sure what is going to happen next.

The events of the game take place in a containment site of The SCP Foundation. The facility undergoes a massive containment breach, leaving you alone in the darkness with the escaped entities roaming around the facility. Your goal is to make it out alive. You can also search the facility for documents and other clues to figure out what led to the breach, and even attempt to do your part in fixing the situation.

The game crossed through the alpha and beta stages to provide a stable release last year, but is still being continously developed. 



Genre: Survival Horror

Gizmos Freeware Gaming Awards 2014


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The winner of Best Free PC Game of 2013 has been revealed... Congrats to all the winners and Thank You readers for your patience.. Looking forward to a wonderful 2014 for gaming :D

Great choices there George : )

Several I've not heard of before... in particular, Cry of Fear, Containment Breach and Organised Thief will be receiving my imminent attention. The Boson game looks fun as well.


Number 2 game revealed, and tomorrow is the big day... :D
Onto the top 3: Number 3 game revealed....:D
And there you go: Number 5 revealed...
Number 4 game revealed...

George, I'm confused :-D

In this thread I can see Boson X named as the Number 10 game of 2013, followed by your posts that say "Number 9 revealed", "Number 8 revealed" etc...

I can't see any games though other than Boson X, am I missing something here?

Oh never mind! Immediately after posting this I saw the links. Sorry.

Number 9 game is revealed...
Number 8 game is revealed.
Number 7 game is revealed..
Number 6 game revealed. Onto the top 5 games from tomorrow :D