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250 Best Free Online All In One Place

Friv , "a full-screen of tiny screen shots for more than 250 free online PC games of various genres with the most popular ones in hand from time to time, just in one place." (Review)


Best Free Online Backgammon

Motif lets you play backgammon against a decent computer engine via a functional 2D interface. Good documentation too. (Review)


Best Free Online Chess

Little ChessPartner , as hosted at, gives you a lively game against your computer in a friendly interface with adjustable settings. (See more choices in this Review)


ChessWhiz , a Chinese Chess web client offered by, allows you to log in as Guest or enter your username, then join a table to observe or play Xiangqi with humans. (See more choices in this Review)


Best Free Online Game of Go , "play Capture Go (Atari-Go)—an enjoyable cut-down version of the full game of Go. In Capture Go the player who first manages to surround and capture the opponent's stones wins outright. The applet lets you choose the board size and computer playing style. Simple and fun, a great way to start to get to grips with the full game." (Review)


Best Free Online Games for Charity

FreeRice , "play educational quiz games to help fight hunger around the world, each answer you get correct contributes 10 grains of rice to WFP, the best of its kind I have seen so far." (Review)


Best Free Online Gomoku

Gomoku in HTML5 coded by Yujian lets you play five-in-a-row game in full screen with a simple and nifty user interface. You can play against your friend on the same device or challenge the computer AI with three levels of difficulty.


Gomoku Online , join a Gomoku game with online players from the list or enter an invitation link to play against your friend online. You can also create a new Gomoku game with your own settings like first move, clock and visibility.


Best Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator

Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery at JigZone , "choose a puzzle from a gallery of beautiful pictures of animals, art, flowers, scenes and other categories, change cuts into 6 to 247 pieces in different shapes. (More choices in this Review)


Jigsaw Planet , "create your own puzzles with difficulty levels, shapes and rotations, play your own or common puzzles or even send puzzles to friends." (More choices in this Review)


Best Free Online Lemmings

DHTML Lemmings , "get as many lemmings to their home (the gateway with the flaming torches) as you can. The number that you need to get home depends on which level you're playing. Works just like the original, and is just as fun and addictive as you'll remember it." (Review)


Best Free Online Match-2 Puzzle

Flow Colors , connect two dots in the same color with a pipe to form a flow, and complete a level by filling up the entire board with pipes without crossing or overlapping. Simple and addictive, with different board sizes and multiple levels using the game idea by Big Duck Games.


2048 , use the arrow keys to move and match the tiles on the board. When same numbered tiles match, they merge into ones with the numbers added up. You are a winner if you are able to reach the tile of number 2048. (Review)


Best Free Online Match-3 Puzzle

Rome Puzzle , "a thrilling path to puzzle glory. Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire by playing and conquering more than 100 addictive and intuitively designed levels." (More choices in this Review)


Best Free Online Music Game

Isle of Tune , lay down some roads, add houses, street lamps, trees and other objects, drop a car and click Go to watch your musical town come to life. You can also share your islands or browse others, for example Beat It, and vote them up or down.


Best Free Online Physics Game

Angry Birds , use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the fortresses of pigs who stole their eggs. A challenging physics-based gameplay in multiple levels and episodes, needing logic, skill and force to solve. You can log in to get more levels for free.


Cut the Rope , cut the ropes by swiping across them and feed candy to the creature Om Nom. It's not always simple as you might have to think outside the box in this game which combines realistic physics with precise controls and challenging levels.


Best Free Online Reversi

Reversi Lounge "lets you select a server from the list, click Launch button to open the lobby screen, select an empty chair at one of the tables and play online free against the human players in the lobby." (More choices in this Review)


Othello Game , "a good choice to challenge the computer opponent with 3 levels of strength, undo moves, highlight valid moves, hints and animation effects." (Review)


Best Free Online Sandbox Game

Powder Game , "a Dan-Ball's entertaining game where you have over 30 different ingredients to create interesting things and play around with chemicals or other objects such as Powder, Water, Fire, Ice, Stone, Magma, Wind, Fan, Oil, etc." (Review)


Best Free Online Strategy Game

Entanglement , easy to learn and yet entertaining—just rotate a new tile with the arrow keys or scrollwheel, and extend the red line around the board with a click or using the spacebar. The longer the line you manage to create, the higher your score. (Review)


Best Free Online Sudoku

DKM Sudoku Online , "almost as fully-featured as any of Sudoku download. Click Play Now and go to Menu to create a new puzzle in any of 4 levels. You can enter possible cell values manually in pencil mode, or let it scan for you." (Review)


Best Free Online Tetris

Tetris N-Blox lets you play the game up to 10 levels of difficulty with colorful shapes, optional full-screen mode and sound effects in a simple design. It's easy to play—just click the game logo and start a game.


Best Free Online Word Search Puzzle , choose one of the word lists, play a puzzle with random dictionary words, or create your own word search puzzle. Each time you play, it's a new puzzle as a completely new arrangement of letters is created.


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Forgive me if I have missed it, but MS are now free online

Yes it is, Tony. It was included in the list during the previous update.

On line notes organisers, note makers etc.

Does anybody know why none of these programs offer a simple import facility for existing data we might have on our Windows machines, such as a comma delimited, tab delimited or other simple file.

In the 21st century we really shouldn't need to re-enter all our existing data at the keyboard to make full use of these online programs. None of the ones listed appear to offer such a capability as far as I can see, including on line database programs I have also found.

Any suggestions?

I use a free resource booking service
I suggest a new category "Shared resource (Room) booking"


will not come up.

Your feedback is welcome cpedley. OneBudget is now delisted.

I'm getting a message that will shut down on March 31.

Thanks for your comment emgil3. is now removed from the list.
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