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Best Free Online Applications and ServicesOnline applications (also known as web applications or webware) are getting more popular, particularly when broadband Internet access has become more common and readily available to more users. With online applications and services, you do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a browser and access them online.

Not only that you can save harddisk space as they do not need to be installed, but also you can work with files that are saved online from any computer anywhere, without the need to carry a storage device even a USB stick around with you.

Besides, you don't have to worry about different operating systems as these applications and services are cross-platform, running in your browser as a client. Neither do you need to keep updating your software versions, as you will get any new software updates and bug fixes automatically whenever you access them.

Like to use them? Here we have compiled a list for best free online applications and services—click on related links or product logos and you can start using them right away.

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by chesscanoe (not verified) on 10. May 2011 - 13:18  (71733)

Just a FYI that for Google Calendar users, a Task list can also be generated. Thus a separate task program, cloud or otherwise, may not be needed.

by Vordix (not verified) on 12. May 2011 - 14:36  (71826)

Following your recommendation for "Webnode" as a "free website builder", I went to their site, where they loudly advertised a free site hosting option, for which I signed up. I was immediately assailed by a bevy of emails from them welcoming me to my 30 days of "trial" time, after which I would be expected to pay,of course.

Good old "bait and switch" in its crudest form. I would suggest that you remove "Webnode" from your list of "free" web hosters. The Internet is already infested with hordes of allegedly "free" web hosting outfits that are built on lies and misrepresentation. We don't need yet another.

by Jojo Yee on 13. May 2011 - 2:09  (71834)

Webnode is covered under Best Free Online Website Builder rather than Web Hosting. If you're using a subdomain of Webnode, it's free with limited storage and bandwidth as claimed, but if you need to use your own main domain with higher capacity for storage and traffic, you would need to pay for a hosting fee. I rarely come across any plan for hosting a website with your own main domain without the need to pay, love to know if there's one :)

by Tony Woltermann on 13. May 2011 - 16:06  (71860)

What is with PDF to Word Converter. Seems like a great piece of software but I never receive the e-mail with the conversion. Even double checked my spam folders. I response to their Information Updates came through flawlessly. How long does this conversion take? Has been almost a week so far for me.

by Arun K. (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 13:22  (71992)

awesome collection !!!

by rs1000 on 17. May 2011 - 3:42  (72047)

I got it about half years ago... Thanks~~~

by kkslider on 27. May 2011 - 15:13  (72789)

I'd like to echo the concerns about voiced in this thread. Paper Rater, while certainly transparent in its aims (the terms of service says you submit material for their use) -- is probably just collecting papers to sell on another site. While an academic student might not care, plagiarism detectors some universities use such as could theoretically detect your own work on some essay mill website and you could be charged for plagiarizing yourself.

Under the definition of plagiarism, your work must be original and not ever have had been submitted anywhere else for publication, which essentially (regardless of what paperrater does or does not do with what you submit) is what you're agreeing to when you agree to paperrater ToS.

I'd avoid sites like this

K.K. Slider

by teo24 (not verified) on 31. May 2011 - 8:40  (72973) is also a cool free service to take a full length snapshot of a webpage (=> JPG or PDF). Usefull if you want to archive something or share a webpage that might be unavailable in the future...

by Shmul (not verified) on 8. June 2011 - 5:43  (73471)

If you're after a simple and easy-to-use email reminder, you should also check out

by rGroup (not verified) on 30. June 2011 - 15:36  (74575)

Free online Photo editor:

by Jojo Yee on 1. July 2011 - 4:08  (74598)

Thanks rGroup. I think it's using Pixlr Editor if not mistaken.

by KevinR (not verified) on 10. July 2011 - 8:52  (75124)

I'm looking for a "Best Free File Transfer". A customer of mine uses to receive art work from his clients. I'd like to know if there's a better site. Looking for a site that auto populates his e-mail address so his clients can't make an entry mistake. Maybe a site that allows personalization and provides a link that can be added to his web page.


by Keith Richmond (not verified) on 13. July 2011 - 23:13  (75416)

With Screentoaster being, um, toast, I did a Google search for "better than screentoaster" and found a review that linked me to this:

I am trying it right now. Pretty impressed so far, but still testing...

by Maria Garcia (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 14:32  (76833)

My favorite from this list one is Google Calendar I am a huge fan of it. Also I would like to add YouTube Converter to this list It is free and anyone can download it from this web site as far as I understand it is the official one I personally love it because it is given at no cost. Hope you will like it too!

by Jojo Yee on 3. August 2011 - 15:26  (76834)

Thanks Maria Garcia for the suggestion. YouTube Converter seems need to install the software onto your computer and therefore it's not strictly a web app as defined in the Introduction of this list. An alternative to this is KeepVid which in some cases offers to download YouTube videos as mp3 files.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. August 2011 - 8:05  (77019)

We're grateful to member “bert” for telling us about these two options for using YouTube videos as an online alarm.

Please check out the FAQ before selecting a video because if it has been tagged not to display on other sites, it won't work as an alarm. There are also JavaScript, Flash and Cookie requirements to consider for a successful experience.

by Juzer Mohammedhusain (not verified) on 6. August 2011 - 8:28  (77021)

Please add Google Plus G+ in Best social networking sites

by choco (not verified) on 6. August 2011 - 15:55  (77037)

thanks 4 the gud suggestion

by Jojo Yee on 10. August 2011 - 6:16  (77356)

Thanks Juzer M. for the suggestion and added in the list.

by pankaj chhatrola (not verified) on 16. August 2011 - 9:25  (77727)

how to put back button immediatly after click on submit button in one file without using form

by SergioEd (not verified) on 16. August 2011 - 14:02  (77738)

I use for web messenger. Accepts loads of protocols (msn, yahoo, irc, ICQ, google, skype (!!) and many more I don't even know. And now there is a feature to know new people (remember Skype Me? :))

by Nico s (not verified) on 24. August 2011 - 9:59  (78242)

Great list!
But how about collaboration tools for business meetings? For example is pretty great and it's free too!

by p k paul (not verified) on 25. August 2011 - 7:38  (78318)

A free online image editor with some great features. check it now on

by crossleydd42 on 28. August 2011 - 18:19  (78514)

Other online website builders are: Weebly
and Moonfruit

by chesscanoe (not verified) on 2. September 2011 - 14:01  (78886)

A CSS3 - HTML5 generated image lets you calibrate your monitor by pressing "Show Details" for instructions. Works best in Chrome, but Firefox or even IE9 may be used.

by Geert on 2. September 2011 - 15:32  (78890)

Hi Jojoyee,
It seems that the "Best Free Online File Format Converter" Media-Convert is offline.
Why not replace it with the excellent

by crossleydd42 on 2. September 2011 - 19:49  (78905)

Unless I've missed it, I've not seen mention of 'cloud' desktop publishing apps. A search of the web doesn't reveal much, but Adobe's 'PROJECT ROME', although no longer in development, is available for public use, free of charge.

by Eric Wells (not verified) on 3. September 2011 - 11:00  (78934)

Hi,I am having a problem with my eyesight (Macular Denegeration)and I am looking for a program which will the make body of the text on a web page into larger print. I have seen a program which does this but I do not seem to have any results to searches. It put a small red rectangle in the task bar and when pressed it opened a new page with the article so that it can be quite easy to read. Is there any such program or have I been dreaming?
Thanks for any help you can give.

by jasa on 4. September 2011 - 8:46  (78981)

Concerning the freeware mentioned in, "Best Free Online Storage and Backup," I do not understand why you did not mention

It has 50GB of Free storage space. It is simple to use. I have used it for well over a year and never had any problems using it to store many different types of files.

This should be added to your list asap in order to benefit the many, many people that look at these recommendations.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

by Jojo Yee on 4. September 2011 - 9:31  (78983)

Good idea Geert. It will be replaced in the next update.

[Update: The replacement has been done.]

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