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It's a shame that while you updated the rankings, you didn't update your review(s). I'm speaking specifically about MusicBee. The 'full review' is more than two years old, and being a long-time user of MusicBee, your review is a disservice to your readers and to the program. You don't even put version numbers in your reviews. MusicBee is under very active development (3.2) was just released, and there are bug fixes and feature enhancements almost weekly.

And the statement that MusicBee doesn't have a CD burner option is plainly wrong. That was implemented long before 2016. I'm not going to nit-pick every thing that's wrong in the review, but if you're going to provide a review service, don't you think it should be timely? Like using the most recent version. This makes me question all the reviews I see on Gizmo.

Your feedback is appreciated phred. I've now updated MusicBee which has a CD burner in the new version.
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Sorry Jojo, but it's not just in the new version. Think it was there since ever...

Open your eyes before you start name calling...

I'm well aware, that it has CD riper and burner. Was using it for years (not much more, since modern times...) Wanted to confirm your statement, and it is not just the new version …

and sorry about changing the name :o

A good point bili_39. I've edited the software review page accordingly.

The best organizer for me so far is TagScanner
Try an see!

Links to Quintessential Media Player and Songbird are dead.

Thanks Anupam for your kind feedback. Both alternative links are now given.

"... Serenity Audio Player is a simple, clean and lightweight audio player. It uses Windows codecs without a hefty interface ...":

"... Nighthawk - a stealthy, simple, unobtrusive music player that stays out of your way in your Menubar/Taskbar...":
"... VUPlayer - from version 4 the application is now open source ...":
Muno - the music player for livesets and mixes:

Foobar2000 beat everything, the premise is that you know how to use.

Used to use Media Monkey, and the analysis is spot on. The application is a monster. There are a lot of features, and a lot of bloat. You also need to be careful about your media with this. Some of the media tags are written to the file twice. Now, all of my tracks have two "Year" tags embedded in them. The part that worries me is that the developers claim that this is for "Compatibility" with other applications. While the program does not crash regularly, there are some other coding choices that are questionable at best. Support from the forums is spotty at best. If you submit a ticket, you will get an answer; and sometimes a fix other than "Re-build your database" or "Remove and reinstall your application."

Music Bee is a far superior product. A default install will embarrass Media Monkey in performance, usability, and functionality. Once you start learning Music Bee, you will realize how powerful it really is. The forum is not particularly interested in answering questions that can be found in the documentation, so be prepared for a bit of reading. Music bee does reward those who take the time to learn.

I still have not found the kind of program I was looking for.
I was looking for software which is optimized for private\custom tags.
There are programs that dealing with custom tags, but not the way I want.
I'm looking for "Tag by a click".
There is only one Field behaves the way I want: the Rating field.
While the song is playing you can edit the Rating by click, choosing 0-5 stars.
The same I want to Tag by a click custom tags.
I configure once what are my custom tags, e.g.: Saxophone, Piano, Trumpet, Violin.
All custom tags configured are becoming buttons (something like web buttons).
Now, while playing a song, you can just click on a custom tag, and it will be saved to the song (in Metadata) for later use (e.g: Playlist of Piano).
Clicking again on that button will delete that custom tag.

Try using Song Director
You can very easily edit file tags and organize your music any way you want. See the edit screen shot and read the help menu for a list of features. They also have instructional videos. Song Director is also constantly updated and their response to email questions is very fast and helpful.

"... Harmony player - music player with sleek interface & cloud compatibility ..."

Kaseto is a lightweight music player:

"... Museeks - a free, lightweight and cross-platform music player ...":

"... Tauon Music Box is a streamlined desktop music player for playback of local files ...":

Catalog, organize, sort, customize your mp3, iTunes, WMP, playlists, music database audio files and play your music with Song Director – Great for a DJ, music collector or any music lover: is the correct link and it's the one i use along with musicbee