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I just tried MX Player on your recommendation and although it seemed to work smoothly the constant ads made it a pain to use.

I notice you compared it to VLC but did not review Android VLC for the article. I have been using the Android version since last year and it performs just as well as on the PC. And not a single Ad...

I honestly have to say that I didn't find the ads too annoying. I mean yes, there are ads there, but it's not anything intrusive - I draw the line where an ad blocks me from doing something, and that has never happened to me (I use MX as my daily driver). On the other hand, just about everything else is just about perfect - something I can't really say about VLC - I had too many problems with it to recommend it. The comparison with VLC is that the same way one could say that VLC is the de-facto video player for many people on PC, I would recommend MX as the de-facto video player for Android - in my opinion, it's the most solid media player around. If you don't want any ads, this isn't the app for you, but otherwise, I definitely recommend it.

I agree with you trainman261, exactly my thoughts :). Although yes, the ads now on Mx Player can be a bit annoying, but it still is a very solid good quality player. I can deal with the ads, as long as they don't turn too intrusive.

I've tried a lot of apps and for me Dice Player's user interface is #1. I liked the scrollable brightness and sound. But in particular it scores best for the impressive accuracy of its finger "jump to" ... 10/10.

MX player is best of all. However, I also use QuickPic for a casual playing of the video. It is good also.

Every review says
"Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer"

Shouldn't that say
"Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's mobile device?"

Good point. Since there are only certain options available for that field, I can't directly put in something like you suggested, but I will see if we can find a solution.

VLC player seems to play every format i throw at it very smoothly, has great swipe/skip function, and it's the first app i've seen to organize multiple video titles in a series as one entry which is fantastic.

Aha, I see I've haven't checked VLC in a little too long, it seems to have come a long way since then. I'll check it out when I get time.

MX Player is the best but licensing issues with later builds mean unable to play properly dts and Dolby Digital audio so head over to XDA to get your fix if your encountering problem.

Possibly outdated comment in MoboPlayer review says "This app is similar to MX Video Player in many ways, starting with that it only plays videos." However, MX Video Player review says "A small checkbox in the settings menu also lets it play music files." Also, the product name for MX Video Player now seems to have been shortened to MX Player.

Do any of these support playing files on local network devices (like Samba Player does for audio)? It's not mentioned in the reviews. I have a memory stick plugged in to the USB socket on my router and would like to play videos from it on my Android phone.

If not, does anyone have any suggestions of Android apps that do have this capability? Thanks.

Well, I'd have to know a little more about your setup to know exactly what you need, because there are several different possibilities when it comes to accessing devices or files across the network. I have not (yet) tried Samba Player, so I'm not too familiar with it, but it seems to be using the SMB, or Samba system. Assuming that's the case, DicePlayer, an app I have not reviewed here yet, is able to do that. However, I have not gotten it to work yet (although I haven't tried too hard at this point either). But you can go ahead and try it, it could well work for you. However, if you want a surefire way to make it work (no guarantees, though) - and want the hardware acceleration MX Player offers, you can use ES File Explorer, and when you open a video, it will ask you which app you want to open it with. There, you can choose MX Player, and set it as default, if you want - or you can choose whatever other video player is listed there, if you prefer a different one. Of course, the app has to be installed if you want to be able to choose it when you open the video file.

Thanks for the reply. I have set Diceplayer to install and will report back how I get on. Good idea about ES File Explorer, I used to have that, but swapped it for another smaller app. I will go back to it if my current file manager does not share the capability to set the default app for files.

UPDATE - Diceplayer does show a samba server on my phone (well it says something like SMB: in the list of directories), but ti does not seem capable of reading any files in it... I've uninstalled it.

OK, well I guess I'm not the only person having issues with it.
I've tried all different media players on my android phone/ tablet and I always go back to mx player it's the bomb.