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Whether it is with a camera, downloaded from the internet, transferred via bluetooth, or one other of the many ways of getting files on your Android device, you will get pictures sometime and you will want to view them.

This is where a good image viewer comes in handy. And based on the places and ways you would like to view those pictures, you will have to choose a suitable viewer.

Here are several image viewers that I looked at other than the stock Photo Gallery or Google Photos on your Android devices.


Rated Products

QuickPic Gallery  

An excellent image viewer works as an alternative to the stock Photos app

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Browse and view photos blazingly fast, sort photos, view photo details, slideshow with settings and even play animated GIF image files. Included a basic image editor. No ads.
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Fast Image Viewer Free  

A quick image viewer allows you to browse and save pictures in many different image formats

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License: Free (Limited features)
View and save pictures in many formats. Change the view of the current picture.
Limited features and supported by ads.
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Other Image Viewers

These are other image viewers either mentioned in the comments section or currently not rated in the review.


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I wondered why Gallery wasn't shown here. I used Quick Pics for a long time, then found Gallery which I like much better. When I went looking for it on Play Store and couldn't find it, I got concerned and dug a little deeper. Looks like Google has abandoned Gallery for G+ Photos, and, not too many people are happy with that. Can't find a download source anywhere for Gallery 4.2.2. ??

Even if late I wanted to point out the Gallery was made by Cooliris, which currently has been bought by Yahoo. Not sure if Google jsut did not want to pay 3rd party anymore or whatever, but now they do not have anymore the rights on it, since it's part of yahoo. I remember an app called Cooliris, which I am guessing it's from the same company. But the last version was definitely not 4.2.2.

Gallery on the other hand has not been public for a long time. But there is no Gallery 4.2.2. You are probably getting that number from the Jelly Bean version 4.2.2. In turn the last Gallery like that should be 4.4.2 by now.