Best Free Games 2011 Finalists




  1. At A Distance (Co-Op puzzler LAN game)
  2. Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story (visual interactive novel)
  3. Dust (side scrolling adventure)
  4. Escape From Puppy Death Factory (flash platformer puzzler)
  5. GIRP (flash rock climbing)
  6. Hydra Castle Labryinth (side scrolling shooter platformer)
  7. Hyper Princess Pitch (action arcade shooter)
  8. Kingdom Rush (flash fantasy action defense)
  9. Momodora II (action exploration platformer)
  10. Nitronic Rush (futuristic survival driving)
  11. Nous (top down wave based action)
  12. Rebuild 2 (flash strategy)
  13. Soul Brother (flash puzzle platformer)
  14. Stealth Bastard (stealth based puzzle platformer)
  15. SuteF (puzzle platformer)
  16. Team Fortress 2 (team based multiplayer FPS)
  17. The Cat And The Coup (documentary puzzler)
  18. Treasure Adventure Game (open world platformer)
  19. Viriax (medical terror arcade game)
  20. Wonderputt (flash golfing)


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