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Many advances have recently been made with gaming leading the way, up to now. We all acknowledge that PC gaming is the best; however, not everyone can run the high-demanding games like Battlefield or League of Legends. So, that leaves us with the flash games and the likes, provided you have the Internet, you can play these games (as long as they aren't blocked).

The Internet is full of websites claiming free-this, and free-that when it comes to downloading "free" games. However, the truth is you are only downloading a trial version, and will be asked to pay after a certain amount of time. Some of the trial versions even stop working once the time period is up. So, lets go hunting for some sites that are the real deal:


Addicting Games (

Online games choosable by genre.

Arcade Prehacks (

Hundreds of online hacked flash games.

Arcade Spot (

Play many arcade games online for free.  Games are sorted into categories making it easier to find the desired game.  The site also has a search function.

Card Games & Board Games (
Site features many popular card games and board games.  Click more games link to show all games.  All games have rules and options tabs.  Some games like Hearts lack popular variants.

Classic 80s Arcade Games (

Play classic arcade games of the 1980s online for free.  The site includes many truly classic games like Asteroids, Galaga and Space Invaders. (

One of the only HTML5 game sites that allows players and developers to easily access all they need. It can be used on a computer or a smartphone! So you can play all the games you love on all the devices you love!

The site has a wide selection of games divided into categories that play inside a browser.
Many games that play inside a browser.
Hundreds of games available separated into categories.  Site requires registration and WebGL.
Hundreds of games available after a simple registration.
World of Solitaire (
125 variants of solitaire are available for play.  No registration required.



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Nice article, but there are many sites which are offering free online games to play...

There are many good sites with Flash games. I use and There are almost no ads and a good selection of games.

Those are great websites, I visited some of them but I didn't know that Google offers free games.

When I saw a student, I'm a fan and I play free flash games at newgrounds.

Now I play free flash games in these websites
1) Racing Games:
2) Girl games: (for my cousins and sister)
3) All flash games: (but I seldom visit them now because there are no more new games)

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I play free games at this website. it is great