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Today smartphones and tablets running Android provide a near complete substitution for desktop PC in functionality. One of the tools which arrived on the portable platform with its development into a full-fledged device is a zip utility.

Such an application is necessary for unpacking archives downloaded from the Internet and compressing multiple files for decreasing the space they occupy on a device or for an easier and faster file-transfer via emails or file-sharing services. This is where their functionality is essential and the possibility to extract the content of any archive is a must-have.


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A handy and excellent app for you to create archive files straight away on your mobile device.

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License: Free
Supported popular formats including zip, 7zip (7z), gzip (gz), bzip2 (bz2), tar and XZ for compression and even more formats including rar for decompression, complete with useful tools.
Some other features like theme selections are only available in the Donate/Pro version.
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B1 Free Archiver  

Deals with virtually any type of zipped files and comes closest to a desktop archive manager in terms of functionality.

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License: Free
Supports the most popular (38) formats, has advanced functionality and a wide support for non-Latin symbols.
Creates only zip and b1 archives. The free version contains ads.
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Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip  

Allows you to extract rar and zip files easily with supports for all versions of rar files.

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License: Free (Ads)
Provides the basic archive manager functionality.
Less user friendly, supported by ads.
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