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Business Intelligence software provides the means to gather, analyze, and visualize data in way that allows for the intelligent and efficient use of that data. The applications that lie within the realm of Business Intelligence can vary from software that is used to integrate data from multiple sources to software that is used to present multiple forms of data visualization in one centralized location.

This article covers the software that fits into the aspects of Business Intelligence including:

  • Information Discovery – provides for the search and navigation of data in order to gain insight
  • Information Query/Reporting – allows for the querying of data and report generation
  • Information Visualization – provides the ability to visualize data graphically for ease of understanding
  • Information Delivery – scheduling and publishing information for others to consume
  • Business Intelligence Platform - bringing all of the above into a single integrated platform.


Rated Products

Software to be reviewed:

Information Discovery

  1. None yet

Information Query/Reporting

  1. BIRT
  2. iReport
  3. JasperReports
  4. JasperAnalysis (OLAP Reporting)
  5. Mondrian (OLAP Reporting)

Information Visualization

  1. OpenI
  2. Pentaho Community Edition

Information Delivery

  1. None yet

Business Intelligence Platform

  1. Pentaho Community Edition
  2. JasperServer
  3. SpagoBI


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