Winners: Best Browser-Flash Games 2011

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Puzzle Game Winner


Interlocked (Winner) Gizmo's Top Pick

Wrap your mind around the next intensive puzzle game – Interlocked!
A 3D puzzle game with a chilling atmosphere.

Snail Bob 2 (1st runner-up)

Snail Bob is back for another point and click adventure to get a present to his grandpa! Help him through his epic journey.

Picma Squared (2nd runner-up)

Picma Squared is a picture logic game. The goal is to discover the image hidden within each puzzle by following a couple of simple rules and using nothing but logic.
It features 28 puzzles, an easy to use, colourblind-friendly interface and a comprehensive Help section.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Hoshi Saga 7
  • Not To Scale
  • Click Play 3
  • Impasse
  • The Visitor Returns


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