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Practically everything to improve Google searches can be found in this article. There's plenty of material for beginners and advanced users to improve search results and a whole lot more can be found in this article. Here's a list of what the article covers:

  • Web Search
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Search Results Page
  • Setting Your Preferences
  • Building a Basic Search Query
  • Adding Basic Operators
  • Adding Advanced Operators
  • Searching Within a Number Range (upd 05/27)
  • Using Page Specific Web Search Operators
  • Using the Advanced Search Form
  • Using the Google Directory

Specialized Searches:

  • Phone Book Search
  • Movie and Showtime Search
  • Stock Quotes and Information Search
  • Special Numbers Search
  • Search Tools
  • Using the Google Deskbar

Google Tutor’s Google Search Manual

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It sure would be great if people offered useful info and positive critiques instead of whining. Whatever you get at this site is more than you paid for, and it is provided by the kindness of the sysops, who volunteer their time and efforts.

Thanks rhiannon... your tips are always welcome & sometimes they vary in importance. Some are diamonds & some are pearls !

For some of the "experts" on this forum, this one may seem ho-hum but to someone like me, who is 70 years old and learning something new everyday... it's indeed welcome.

another variation of "Google" is "Google Scholar".

I just tried what I learned, the google phonebook. It didn't work, and further looking showed they ended it in 2010.

It would be a very helpful page if it were up-to-date.


It would be nice and helpful if you had given any link to what you consider "better".

The way you wrote your comment makes it just negative only.

Sorry to be negative but that's not exactly brilliant. Some of the stuff is out of date or has been changed by Google so you access it in a different way and there's a load of stuff not covered. Also the font they are using makes it very easy to misread commands such as the required colons after several operators. There are better sites, google's included.