Become A Graphic Designer In Seconds


Crello Graphic DesignCrello is a really neat web site that lets you become a graphic designer in seconds. Well, not exactly But it does have hundreds of ready-made designs for posters, flyers, cards, blog posts etc that you can customise with your own text and then pass off as your own work!

You can even download your work as image files to use however and wherever you like. So next time you need to create an invitation or poster, for example, try it out. It's free, although there are also some premium features too.

You'll find it at







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Another excellent find, Rob. Thanks!
My first thought was that the reaction any genuine graphic designer, upon reading the title, would be insulted/amused/scornful (pick one or all three). Still, I don't see any serious marketer wanting a professional-looking design would use one of these template-driven sites. They are more for the cheap (like me) DIY crowd. So graphic designers are still safe... for now.