Beat Ball


Beat Ball

A fun and stylish version of Breakout with 120 levels and a medley of innovative features.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Breakout Game
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In the full version there are stellar graphics and sounds, precision gameplay mechanics, intriguing level designs.
Paddle mechanics are somewhat obtuse, requiring skill that must develop, a few levels are extremely difficult to get past.

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Beat Ball is a fun and stylish version of Breakout. With 120 levels and a medley of innovative features, this game will not disappoint. Graphics and sounds are exceptionally well done. Gameplay mechanics are excellent as well, though not necessarily easy to master. Ball spin is made an option that the user can switch off to simplify things a bit.

Play is normally progressive but you can elect to enter at any level among those you've previously won. Unfortunately, the levels are not strictly ordered by difficulty ranking and this can be a source of disappointment. Until you win level 40 for example, you can never play levels 41 through 120. If that's too hard to accept, then cheat. Typing Ctrl-Insert while the ball is in play forces completion of the current level.

Beat Ball boasts a variety of interesting brick types and power-ups to enliven the sport, and the level designs are quite inspired. Power-ups, appearing as small shimmery quivering globs, fall occasionally from standard 1-hit bricks. Until caught, these are somewhat mysterious, as they bear no labels. That's okay though, because they go into effect only when and if you choose.

The green and the turquoise globs are power-ups affecting the ball, and activate with a left-click of the mouse. The copper and the scarlet globs are paddle power-ups that you activate by right-clicking. Only one of each type can be in store at a time, so use it or risk losing it when the paddle contacts another such glob. White globs are different: when caught they immediately cause a small explosion around the moving ball, perhaps clearing some nearby bricks. The other exception is the rare slow-falling golden glob, which grants an added life when caught.

This outstanding free game is a 32 MB download and chock full of the author's original CD-quality music, of the Trance genre, which plays during the game. It's excellent material.

Beat Ball was reviewed by on based on version 1.52.