Be Brave. Try This Great New Browser.


Brave Windows web browser"Brave" is a new web browser which, although only in the early stages of development, looks very promising for a number of reasons. It has significant investment behind it, to the tune of millions of dollars. And top of the list of features is security and privacy.

There's a built-in ad blocker, for example, so you won't see many adverts. It blocks trackers too, to help maintain your privacy. And if there's a secure, encrypted version of a page that you're currently viewing in non-encrypted mode (http rather than https) it will automatically take you to the more secure version.

You can download Brave now. It's free and is at for Windows 7, 8 and 10. It's a 92 MB download, which is malware-free according to VirusTotal. The download site is regarded as reputable by Web of Trust.

I've heard good things about Brave. A couple of people that I know have said they've been using it as their main browser for a number of weeks and actually prefer it to Chrome and Firefox. Try it yourself, and see if you agree. It'll happily co-exist on your PC with whichever browser(s) you already use.

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I'm leaning towards Opera or Epic for the VPN. But I assume the VPN is tracking me for advertising purposes, but better than my non-anonymous ISP, with my identity, tracking me.

Epic browser was recommended to me by a friend...thinking of downloading that one. Not too sure about Brave browser though. Will wait to see if others say it's really as good as it says. There's also CLIQZ Browser which I have downloaded, comes with Ghostery and an ad blocker. Doesn't allow add-ons, which they say, and I agree, is safer. Based in least the techs I emailed are. They explained why no add-ons, but did say if there are any security add-ons we think we need, then email them and if they haven't already checked them out, they will at that point. Going to be checking it out for a few weeks.

I am asking myself and the community how this might relate to

Seems like an "interesting" way to make money, block the ads that a site needs to make money and replace them with ads that provide income for the browser.

I have no idea about the legality of such practices but ethically it's at best dubious.

Thanks for the recommendation - I had never heard of Brave before
The speed of webpage browsing is very good, and so the ad blocking feature seems to work very well
I installed it in early April 2017, and with only 3 tabs open, the memory usage on my Windows 7 machine was at least 600MB
I then opened my portable Firefox browser, opened 3 tabs, and the memory usage for Firefox was 300MB

My major desire is a browser that protects my privacy.
Speed of loading is also important, as long as this doesnt mean a large memory footprint
Blocking ads is great, but again as long as this doesnt mean a large memory footprint

At this point I will give Brave a chance, but the moment I find the memory usage is compromising my other PC work, it will find another browser that respects my privacy
If Brave can have a smaller memory footprint, then I would switch for all the advantages described above

The author of the program apparently was the cofounder of the Mozilla project, and it looks like he wants to disrupt the current internet business model. The underlying premise of Brave, is "removing websites of most of their ads and all tracking, and replaces those ads with its own.
I see an inherent issue in the long term, just what ads will instead be displayed, and is it a matter of time before Brave advertisers want to track you as well. We will see.

Two quick questions:
Why does Brave, without many features or plugins, still have to use up so much memory ??
What other browsers do NOT track your details or browsing habits, and dont have a huge memory footprint - I am interested to know
(I will check TechSupportAlert reviews for the answer !)

Take a look at Slimjet. "Fastest web browser that blocks all ads and protects your privacy". It's based on Chromium so Chrome add-ons work. It's also cross platform. I use it on Linux (MX-16 x 64) and the speed is the fastest of anything I've tried. Memory footprint is low too. MC - Site Manager.

I'll second that, incredibly fast/snappy and memory use is so low, compared to other 'chromish' browsers I use, that initially I couldn't believe it !
There's also a Portable version available at their site..

Is Brave browser just as good or better than Epic browser (which i had never heard of before reading a comment on Ghacks) at warding off the prying eyes of those who want to know where we surf and what we search for?
Perhaps they're on an equal on that level, but Epic may have the advantage of being more compatible with Chrome extensions.