Offers an attractive and highly playable application primarily for play against an AI engine.


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License: Free
Website: BCMShogi

Pros & Cons:

Attractive interface, novice-friendly, responsive play.
Installation of additional chess engines is difficult, no play on remote servers, registration (free) required to access all features.

Our Review:

BCMShogi offers an attractive and highly playable application primarily for play against an AI engine. The download includes the formidable Spear engine and installation of other engines is supported, however the installation process is cumbersome. Nevertheless, play is smooth and intuitive allowing for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Accentuating the quality game play are a multitude of different board designs to choose from as well as Western/international piece-sets for those of us who do not read Japanese. Perhaps where BCMShogi excels best is in providing an experience that is attuned to the needs of the novice player. The program features a movement guide function that highlights the legal moves available for any given piece when clicked on. Given that several Shogi pieces (such as the gold and silver generals) have no Western chess equivalents, the movement guide is invaluable in a player's first games.

BCMShogi additionally supports two-player games, however the program does not link with remote chess servers. BCMShogi supports .PSN, .KIF, .USF, and other formats, so games played at such sites as PlayOK can be imported for review and analysis by the AI engine. The program installs cleanly however consumers should be aware that they are required to register their free copy in order to be able to access all of the features.

BCMShogi was reviewed by on based on version 2013.03.08.