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Battery Doctor

A battery saver that prolongs battery lifespan and provides necessary info.


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User-friendly interface, one-tap operations, equipped with useful tools and widgets.
Ad supported.

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Battery Doctor offered by Cheetah Mobile is a free and widely used battery saving app that helps reduce battery consumption and prolong battery lifespan.

The app features a clean interface and one-tap process to optimize usage of your phone battery. In addition, it incorporates a Battery Cooler, Super Saver and Saving Mode.

The Battery Cooler makes your device operate in optimal temperature, Super Saver analyses and scans apps for better power usage, and Saving Mode offers you a quick mode to select settings for volume, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness, vibration and screen-off time.

It provides helpful details about the battery too. You can check with this app the battery health status, battery capacity, temperature, voltage, power remaining by usage, and a history of charging and discharging the battery.

Depending on your usage, this app helps extend your battery life up to 50%, as claimed by the developer, with various power saving features and a unique 3-stage charging system, a fast-continuous-trickle charge that regulates electric flow to charge your battery quickly and fully.

As a bonus, it has a widget that puts together battery information and settings, easy for you to access and operate.

To support its continuous development, the app carries some ads that appear after a one-tap performance is run.


Get This Great Battery Saver App for Android to Prolong Phone Battery Life

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I can not find this app on Google Play with my phone (either location or manufacturer restrictions which are Europe/France and Samsung Galaxy S7) ;-(.

Only "Clean master" app is available in the store for editor "Cheetah Mobile".

And FWIW, I've seen more than one write-up claim battery savers in general, as well as RAM savers and etc, are useless on Android.