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Barcode Scanner

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Scan and generate barcodes, auto-detect barcode type, smart to react with content, easy to use.
Not across platforms.

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Using this app Barcode Scanner is pretty easy and straightforward. After download, run this app, then aim your Android's camera to a barcode for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound signifying that the content has been captured.

The app auto detects the barcode type, content and is smart enough to react with the next buttons to press—If it's a contact, you'll see the "Add contact" button, or if it's a web link, you'll get the "Open browser" button, and so on.

How about getting a free app from Google Play? You don't need to type a single character either. Run Barcode Scanner, aim your device to capture a matrix barcode or QR code such as the ones provided in the list of Best Free Android Apps, then press the "Open browser" button, and complete action using the Google Play app. The app then turns up on your screen ready for install.

Using Barcode Scanner, you can also share data by displaying a barcode on your screen and scanning it with another phone, or even use this app to generate a barcode. This app is free, and probably is one of the apps that you must install first when you've just got a new device.


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