Backupify: Online Account Backup "Free Forever For A Limited Time"


Do you use any of the following online Services?  Gmail, Twitter, Google Docs, Flickr, Facebook, Basecamp, Wordpress,, Photobucket, Blogger, FriendFeed.   Have you ever considered the need to back up the information stored there in case you ever lose access?

Backupify is a very different service from other online backup services you might be familiar with like Dropbox, Mosy,  or Carbonite.  These other services are designed to backup things which are on your computer to online storage, while Backupify is designed to backup your content that is already on the internet.  It  will automatically log in to your  Facebook or Flickr account etc., backup any new content it finds and log back out.  You don't  even have to have your computer turned on.  This will protect you from loss if a service ever suddenly becomes unavailable, your account is compromised,  or data is unwittingly lost or corrupted.

Backupify is currently offering free unlimited accounts to anyone who signs up before January 31st.  I confirmed that these free accounts will remain free forever even after their new pricing scheme goes into effect. 

You also may want to consider that the Backupify service needs your login information for each of the accounts it is going to perform automatic backups on.  If for some reason your Backupify account were ever compromised it could lead to your other accounts being compromised as well.  Backupify only stores physical passwords for certain sites that require it such as Gmail.  With other sites they only store the password token or cookie that is necessary to login to your account.  In any case Backupify states that they,  "use advanced encryption methods to keep your login credentials safe."

Keep in mind that there are alternatives to this service as well.  If you would rather download the content to your hardrive or another location for safekeeping there are many free solutions designed to work with these individual services. 

  • Gmail:  Supports POP3 access so you can can configure email programs like Outlook Express or Thunderbird to download your email from Google's servers.  There is also the free utility Gmail-Backup that can download the content of your account to your hardrive.  Get it here or here.
  • Google Documents:   There are a bunch of ways to download your Docs.  You might try Gdocbackup or Google Docs Backup (free for one account).  Other choices include a GreaseMonkey Script or OpenOffice using the OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Extension
  • Twitter:  Try TwitterBackup  or Tweetake.   For a totally online service try
  • FaceBook:  There are not many options here.  Actually only one free choice I could find is ArchiveFacebook.  Be aware that it is an experimental plugin and some have expressed concern that it might violate FaceBooks terms of use.   If you just want to backup your contacts then FaceBook's own Export Friends to CVS feature will probably meet your needs.  It seems the the best option  to backup your FaceBook account is SocialSafe.  While not free it is very moderately priced at $2.99  
  • Flicker:  Several options here.   FlickrEdit (a.k.a. FlickerBackup),  or Downloadr.  Also Migratr or Flump (requires Adobe Air)
  • Basecamp:  No second party app is really needed since Basecamp Dashboard supports exporting to HTML or XML.
  • Wordpress:  I imagine if you use Wordpress you already know how to back it up.  Wordpress has built in feature to export your databases and files.  You can also try  WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager 2.50.
  •  Numerous options here but the simplest methods seem to be various browser plugins/extensions designed to sync bookmarks with your browser's bookmarks.  ( Firefox, Internet Explorer)  Other easy choices would be to use one of the other numerous free online bookmarking services that can import your bookmarks -- most of them do.
  • Photobucket:  Okay they made it hard if you don't have a pro account, but the above metioned Migratr will also work for Photobucket, and a lot of other online photo services too!
  • Blogger:  Easy choice here Blogger Backup.   Might also try
  • FriendFeed:  I have to admit I am stumped here.  Maybe Backupify is the only real solution.   I am open to suggestions here. Maybe there is a way to use an RSS feed to email type service to do a backup.


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