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Background Eraser

Make the background of an image transparent easily with three editing modes


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Easy to use, simple user interface, various modes for editing.
No support for landscape mode, ads supported.

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Background Eraser is a convenient app to remove unwanted background of an image and make it transparent right away on an Android device. You can then use it like a stamp on another image with a photo editor.

The app is simple and easy to use. Just load an image from your device and crop it without leaving any extra space for unwanted objects, then make the background of the cropped image transparent by removing unnecessary pixels.

Three modes are available for you to remove unwanted pixels and make them transparent:

  • Auto mode: Erase similar pixels automatically;
  • Extract mode: Select objects to keep with blue markers and remove objects with red markers;
  • Manual mode: Tap the area to remove pixels manually.

While editing, you can use two fingers to zoom or pinch the image to see more details and make use of editing tools like adjusting the threshold of similar colors, undo and redo buttons, and the repair button to recover removed pixels.

When needed, you can also toggle the transparent background of the image to a darker or lighter checkerboard pattern so that you’ll be able to identify if there are still unwanted parts that you didn’t manage to remove.

Tap “Done” after editing and before saving your result, you can give some finishing touches by smoothing edges at degrees varying from 0 to 5 with the app.

The end results are saved in png format to preserve transparency and kept inside the Pictures\Eraser folder for viewing with the Gallery app or other image viewers.

To impose an image with transparent background onto another image, you will need an image editor that is capable of mixing layers, such as PicsArt Photo Studio, which is the Editor's Choice at Gizmo's Freeware.

Background Eraser is free for use but supported by ads. It works in portrait mode and has at the moment no support for landscape mode.


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(Commercial content removed as per site rules) Both programs will let you remove backgrounds and use layers. It would be nice to have a desktop program, for Windows, to make this easier. Rarely do I edit my photos on my phone or camera. They get transferred to the computer, edited and placed back on my mobile device.